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For parents who wonder how to guide their children, who worry about finding the time to research those hundreds of colleges, Planet College offers a comprehensive college planning program that meets your specific needs. We specialize in students with an international background. Several options are available, call us!

We will help you:

  • Make smart academic and extracurricular choices
  • Identify a list of universities based on the student’s specific profile (interests, academics)
  • Develop an optimized testing calendar (SAT, ACT, SAT subject tests, PSAT)

We offer a variety of counseling packages completely customized for each student.

Packages vary based on the grade of the student and the accompaniment requested.

  • Our Comprehensive Package will provide a customized step-by-step plan throughout the entire university application process
  • Our College List Package will help the student identify an optimal list of colleges
  • Our Early Planning Package will help 8th thru 10th graders
  • Our A La Carte Package consists of 4-hr block sessions providing support during the process.

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